A complete list with descriptions can be found at http://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelterid=UT156  If you'd like to apply for any of our boys please contact utahsperfectpointers@yahoo.com
Our adoption process is pretty typical for breed rescues (as opposed to all-breed rescue groups or shelters).
1. there's an application questionnaire that we ask you to fill out and return to us. That helps us to match the personality of the dog(s) with that of the home. We usually have 25-30 dogs scattered around the area in various foster homes and daycare/boarding facilities so we like to make good use of our time and yours by only steering you to dogs that are appropriate for your family.
2. Once we help you select viable candidates we'll arrange for you to meet them and see how you interact together.
3. For local applicants (Salt Lake area) we arrange for a home visit. Usually we bring the dog with us and if it looks like a good match we'll leave the dog with you for a trial adoption period. We like this to last at least a full work week and weekend so you can see how the dog fits into your lifestyle. During the trial period we provide a crate, dog food and a training slip leash. You also get a special ringtone on my 'phone so I know to answer it immediately or at least get back to you within a few minutes. For out-of-state applicants there is a home visit by a representative in your area but the trial adoption period does not apply.  However, our adoption contract states that "if for any reason at any time the adopter is unable to keep the dog it must be returned to Utah's Perfect Pointers".
Our process takes a little longer and is much more work for us than just having you go to PetSmart and walk out with a dog, but it works well and we have very few returns because of the care we take with both our dogs and the applicants.

All adoptions are at our sole discretion.
I'm an extremely nice little Dude - everyone says so.  Some kind people found me dehydrated and hungry and took care of me and helped get me to my rescue ladies.  That was on July 1, 2014 when I was about 1.5 years old.  An unfortunate event occurred when I was being and I had a blood clot that lodged in my spine.  It blocked the nerves sending signals from my brain to my legs and I couldn't walk.  All four feet were knuckling under.  I was pretty sick for 2 days and stayed at the vet's while they monitored me and had me on IV with antibiotics and steroids.  Everyone was pretty worried about me.  Finally, I could lift my head and I got to go home with Marylin and meet the pack.  I didn't move around much that first day, although I really enjoyed getting out to lie on the grass. 
And my front legs worked!  It was so great.  I could use my front legs to pull myself around the yard without being held by anyone.  My back legs still didn't work so I was carried inside and outside....... and upstairs and downstairs. 
I started k-laser treatment and had those twice a week and my back legs started moving in a walking gait without having to drag them behind me.  Of course my toes still curled under and I had to have booties on my back feet whenever I go out so that the tops of my feet didn't get rubbed raw.  Ace and Izzy's dad did water therapy with me. 
From there I graduated to physical therapy with Anthony Woerner who I loved.  He had the best treats!
A rescue friend of Marylin's, Jeannie, came over and gave me a T-Touch session.  :)
I was doing pretty well.  By the end of November, 2014 everyone realized I'd never really walk properly again.  It was a pretty low point for my rescue woman but I didn't care.  I was happy.  I could run with my pack and chase birds.  I could go to daycare all day.  Life was Good!
I even got to go swimming at Barley's.  Loved It!!!
Since then I've done a lot of traveling with Marylin because she has to wrap my feet every morning and unwrap them at night.  If they're not properly wrapped I get bad pressure sores on my feet and hocks.
So........ I've been to Las Vegas, Canada (5 times - I should have my own passport), everywhere in Utah, ID, OR, and WA.  I'm a great little traveling ambassador!
I'm an English Pointer boy about 7 years old and I've had an interesting life.  I'm good with all people, other dogs, and even cats!  I just want a calm, secure home and to know I'm loved and I'll be your little dancing, woooooooo-woooing fool.

I came from the midwest via another national rescue organization that didn't meet me before sending me to a foster mom in Utah who they'd never met, either.  Before that I was a stray that was picked up by a family who had to get rid of me because they thought I had separation anxiety.  And I probably did.  After all, I trashed their house (several times) and couldn't be left outside on my own or I'd break out.  Somehow the severity of my condition wasn't clear to my new foster mom before I arrived.
Apparently I was pretty much a "hot mess" when I got into Salt Lake.  I made a 2000 mile trip with multiple drivers and I hated cars and crates.  I was so anxious I drooled a lake and was afraid to be more than a couple of steps away from my new foster mom.  She had a lot of great dogs in her home that I really liked but I really, really hated being crated when she had to go to work.  I broke out of my crate several times, injuring a tooth, toenail and my lower left eyelid.  I whined and yodeled and drooled myself into a frenzy.  After 3 weeks of working with me and taking me to her vet she was so distressed by my distress that she was wondering if my life was becoming unbearable for me.

The national group contacted my rescue lady at UPP who came to my foster home to assess me.  She could see how clingy I was with my foster mom and how good I was with her and her dogs in her home.  She also knew how hard separation anxiety is to fix but took me home with her.  I'm on the left below.
  I was comfortable here right from the start.  The other dogs were active but very calm and secure.  They accepted me immediately.  I learned to run to my bed with them and wait for my breakfast and supper.  She even had a beautiful English Pointer girl, Tama, for me to bond with.  I thought she was pretty hot stuff!
I still didn't like crates so my rescue lady decided not to crate me (how easy was that!).  She made sure I felt safe here and knew all about my new (temporary) home before she left me "home alone" with 5 other dogs and 2 cats.  She raised the blinds and tied up the cords.  She moved anything breakable that she cared about to another room with a closed door.  She made sure I got out to play for a hour.  Then she and her human guy left.  They just walked out the door.  I didn't realize she was holding her breath for the entire 3 hours they were gone.  And I was fine!  I didn't disturb anything.  I didn't pee in the house.  I didn't have a conniption fit.  I was fine.  :)
And I've been fine since then.  Three other fosters have come and gone since I arrived, including a couple of little girls that I loved to wrestle with and chase around the yard.
At some point before I got to my rescue lady I had too much protein in my food and developed struvite crystals in my kidneys that made me drink (and pee) a lot.  I'm on a low-protein food and proin and the crystals are gone!  I finally got rid of my attractive belly band that I had to wear inside. 

The good news is that I'm a great dog!  I'm not fond of fireworks and loud noises but I'm not a drooling fool when they occur anymore.  I need a home with one or two other calm, secure, well-socialized dogs that will play with me.  "Calm" doesn't mean "lazy".  After all, I'm a pointer!  No small children please.  Their energy level is too high for me.  I'm good with all people but I'll do better in a home with adults and a minimum of disturbance to my routine.  I'm just a handsome dude lookin' for love.

I'm a beautiful GSP boy who was taken in as a stray by animal control.  My rescue lady thinks I was released because I have a "pimple" on my right eye lens that needs to be removed.  These are tricky and expensive surgeries - especially for a 7-year old boy.  I just got to my rescue lady a couple of days ago so we're assessing it right now.  In the meantime I'm having a great time with all the people and dogs at Old Farm Pet Resort.  I'm great with everyone (except cats)!
I'm USHER - a great big beautiful boy who has a whole lot of livin', lovin', and learnin' to do! I'm wonderful with all people and other dogs. Like a lot of my breed I'll kill cats. My approximate DOB is 6/15/2015. I'm ~ 25" tall at my withers and all my groceries have gone into my legs so I have a little filling out to do in the next year. I'm very smart and a great companion. I need another dog in my new home to keep me socialized and show me the ropes of being a responsible GSP.
I'm ALIBY The Amazing Munsterlander! I'm wonderful! My rescue lady thinks my name comes from the word "Alibi" and I must have gotten it when I was a much younger trouble maker. "Who knocked over the sugar on the counter? Nope! Not me. Nothing to see here! I was way over on the other side of the house."
I was turned into the shelter because my mom lost her home. She'd had me since I was a baby soit broke her heart to turn me in. I'm a little disheveled-looking in my photos because they were taken as soon as I got to my rescue lady's for her vet to examine me. I hadn't had a bath or brushing yet. Unlike all those shorthaired pointers, I have lovely, long soft hair that needs regular tending or it turns into dreadlocks.
I'm about 8 years old and in beautiful condition. I'm 77 lbs and 27" at my withers so I need to lose about 10 lbs to be at my perfect weight. Even my teeth are good! No dentist for me today! I get along with all people and other dogs but I'm not a cat kind of guy.

I'm HAVOC! I'm a 3-4 year old GSP boy with beautiful dappling and a ton of energy. I can race like the wind and I love my people. I had a quick test with UPP personal dog, Jax, and did well (he ignored me). As soon as I'm altered I'll get to spend a lot more time with other dogs. I'm on the small side for a male - just a compact bundle of energy.


I'm SHERLOCK! I'm a great boy! I was born ~ on 03/30/2015 so I'm just starting to fill out. I'm fine boned with very pretty haunch muscles that show up nicely when I stand on my hind legs to hug you. I sit nicely beside my people for hugs. I'm good with other dogs and prefer a home with a female canine companion. I'm very playful and snuggly - what a great combination! I loved my foster sister, Maja, and we spent a lot of time together until she moved with her parents. I was great in the house and really miss my foster family. I'm NOT good with cats but I really, really like birds. Unfortunately I'm afraid of loud noises. I'm not at all happy during thunder storms.

Here I am with my foster mom and sister, Maja, doing some serious couch cuddling. This is so great!
They gave me great toys to play with (that I didn't destroy).

And in return, Maja and I kept a lookout for intruders.

We went on lots of walks together.

And then came home for serious relaxation.


I'm a cute little solid guy. I'm only about 40 lbs - all of it solid muscle! And like all 2-year old kids I have a ton of energy. I just got to my rescue lady and she's really impressed. I know a few commands (well, "sit"). I'm horrible on a leash but that's mainly because I was in the shelter for a month and I need to r-u-n! As soon as I'm neutered I'll be able to do that to my heart's content. I should be ready for my new home in a couple of weeks. I'm good with other dogs and I love attention from my people.Surprise, surprise!  I'm good with cats!

I'm a gorgeous dappled GSP boy.  I'm extremely friendly. I'm  a lovely, friendly guy. I'm a medium-size shorthair with muscles to spare. I can climb a fence in a heartbeat. It's not to get away from my home or people. It's just to see what's on the other side. I'll be fine in a home with a solid wood or vinyl fence - I'm not a jumper - I'm a climber. :) I'm about 6-7 years old and extremely friendly. I just want to be with my people!

I'm absolutely stunning.  My confirmation is perfect.
I have great big smooshy lips and give the best kisses.
And I love sharing my meal time and bed with my foster siblings.


I'm the nicest guy! I'm about 2 years old and a GSP-EP mix.  I have a great temperament and love playing with everyone. I'm so happy to be with my people and running with them in the yard. Everything's an adventure!  No cats for me!


I'M POGO - the cutest, fiestiest, funniest little black and white slick GWP you'll ever want to meet. My rescue lady thinks my eyes are the same color as my collar. My approx. DOB is 12/23/2016. I'm still very much a lanky kid with a natural tail. I love to play. I know how to "sit". I'm just an active little dude lookin' for love and adventure.
I wasn't well socialized with other dogs as a pup (when it was really important) so I tend to get overstimulated when I'm playing and I don't know how to read other dogs' body language yet.  I need a good, strong and understanding pack leader to help me become the respectable boy I should be.

I'm ZORAN. I'm a 6-year old liver and white GWP or WPG boy and I'm very new to Utah's Perfect Pointers.
I was surrendered to the shelter by my dad who couldn't handle me - I was listed as a bite danger when I was turned into the shelter. I've been in daycare/boarding for a couple of weeks and everyone there thinks I'm great. I haven't tried to bite anyone and I'm doing very well with all the other dogs. Of course, the people there know what they're doing!


I'm DASHER! I came to UPP with the name "Balderdash" but because of the season my rescue lady shortened it to Dasher. :) I'm great with all other dogs. I'm only 4 years old but I'm not a galloping dingbat. I'm drop-dead gorgeous.  I'm having a great time in daycare/boarding where I get to socialize with other dogs all day!

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