Utah's Perfect Pointers is dedicated to rehoming German Shorthair Pointers, German Wirehair Pointers, Wirehair Pointing Griffons, Weimaraners and their close friends from other hunting breeds, including mixes. All the dogs are temperament tested and fully vetted including spay/neuter, routine vaccines and are microchipped.   You can find a complete list of our dogs at http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/UT156.html
All adoptions are at our sole discretion.

Utah’s Perfect Pointers DBA GSP Rescue Southwest is a 501c3 federal charity.  Your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Both entities are registered in Utah. All donations to UPP or GSP Rescue SW are gratefully acknowledged by a letter from Marylin with many, many thanks.  We’re always happy to accept donations mailed to Utah’s Perfect Pointers - PO Box 17071, Salt Lake City, UT 84117.  We promise we'll put them to good use.
NEWS - Updated May 10, 2016
If you'd like to see what we were up to in 2014 and 2015 click on the link below.
Foster Homes Needed!!!
We Always Need Fosters!
We survived the long weekends in May but foster homes are always needed!  We have dogs that will fit in with almost any lifestyle from couch potato to lots and lots of activity.  There are a few more in the latter category (after all, they're pointers!).  If you're able to foster long- or short-term, please email utahsperfectpointers@yahoo.com and we'll send you a foster application.

Spring Yard Sale

Fall Social and Silent Auction
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2016 Adopted Dogs
Check out our dogs who found their forever homes in 2016

Utah's Perfect Pointers is participating in the 2015 Strut Your Mutt event at Liberty Park on October 24!  Yes, we're aware
that it probably will be snowing, but pointers and their friends love snow!!! 

We’re raising money to help us with the care and feeding of our homeless hunters.  We're a tiny "group" of pointer and weim lovers who've been working hard for the last 8 years to rehome these lovely dogs.  And we've done it with help from the entire community.  Thank you to so many for your support over the years.

I'm always amazed at the temperaments of our dogs who are so quick and eager to be loved after the pretty wretched lives so many of them have had.  This is a remarkable breed group - - goofy, too smart for their own good, steadfastly loyal (until they see a bird), and totally charming in so many ways.  They're energetic beyond belief and frequently end up in shelters or KSL because their homes just aren't equipped to deal with their high energy and exercise needs.

Our focus for this years' event is our "special needs" dogs.  We seem to have collected a number of special needs dogs in 2014 and 2015.  In 2014 one-third of our 93 dogs were special needs.  In 2015 we've taken in 10 so far.  They're generally in our program for awhile - some over a year.  I love it that you're there for the doggies!  We hope to see all of you there.

Strutting instructions are given for both Cell Phone and Laptop/Desktop/Tablet users.

Cell 'Phone Instructions

1.  Type www.strutyourmutt.org/goto/upp into your browser.  That will take you to Screen One.  Do NOT click on the “Register Today” button.  That will not register you as strutting for Utah’s Perfect Pointers.  It will go into the General Registration and Utah’s Perfect Pointers won’t benefit from your entrance fee or donations.

2. Choose your participant type (Walker or Runner).  Walker is a leisurely strut ($30 registration fee) and Runner is the timed 5K run ($45 registration fee).  Enter discount code (if applicable), your fundraising goal (remember the purpose ot Strut Your Mutt is a pledge drive to help homeless pets!!) and an additional gift if desired (this is a donation above your entry fee).  Hit "Next Step".

3.  Even if you have participated in Strut Your Mutt previous years, you must choose "Join as New Participat:/

4.  Fill out all registration information.

5.  On the next page, check the box at the bottom to agree with the terms and conditions and click "next step".

6.  The next page, "Registration Summary" allows you to register another participant or complete the registration.  "Register another participant" allows you to register multiple people on the same credit card transaction.  Once you have completed registering all your participants, click "complete registration" to be taken to the Secure Credit Card processing page.

7.  Enter and submit billing information.

Laptop/Desktop/Tablet Instructions

1.  Type

Spring Social and Silent Auction - May 16

What a great time! Thanks to everyone we made a little over $4500 to support our homeless hunters. For us that translates into 6 months of dog food!

There are so many truly wonderful people and organizations/companies who made this all possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It all starts with an amazing organizing committee - Cindy and Stephanie - who worked tirelessly for several months pulling everything together. And of course, Randy was seconded to help for the last couple of days that lasted well into Saturday night and included a run around the room several times with live auction items.

Utah Dog Park outdid themselves. They donated the large east dog room for the event which was a wonderful venue. Even the boarding dogs on the west wing were patiently quiet during the evening - and 5 of those were pointers! The room was spectacular. Everything fit beautifully and they even added a fresh coat of paint the day before. The staff who stayed through the evening and cleaned up for the next day of business donated their time. It was totally wonderful and we're so grateful.

Bacchus Rentals (Bryan Johnson) donated the tables, chairs, glasses, cutlery and had to make an emergency second trip with two more tables when we realized we didn't have enough space for all our auction items. Then there was the late-night pick up to move everything out.

Culinary Crafts did an amazing job with the food, managed on-site by Adam. I finally got to taste one of their sandwiches at 11:00 pm with my husband. :) It was wonderful! They gave us an excellent rescue rate for their service.

Cheers & Swizzles, owned by Mary Pinyan-Lauer, donated the services of their bartender, Trisha, another dog lover who lobbies for more off-leash dog spaces in the Salt Lake area.

And the wine............. ahhhhhhh......... the wine. :) Thank you Dee Erickson and Two Dog Wine for your wonderful libations. And thank you for giving our Cassie the best home ever.

Kris Gillett, the Cake Lady, wowed everyone with her Pointer Cake. The creation was truly remarkable - right down to the eyes, collar and leash.

In addition to Utah Dog Park, all our participating daycare/boarding facilities were there to help us with donated items: Camp Bow Wow, Diggity Dog Pet Resort, Dog Lodge, Dog Town, Old Farm Pet Resort, and Second Chance for Homeless Pets. It's an amazing partnership and yes, we realize how truly fortunate we are.

A list of the Corporate and Individual donors is provided on our facebook page. Please support the wonderful companies and organizations who support our rescue. We really couldn't do this without them and without you. Thank you so much, everyone. We love you all!



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