Utah's Perfect Pointers is dedicated to rehoming German Shorthair Pointers, German Wirehair Pointers, Wirehair Pointing Griffons, Weimaraners and their close friends from other hunting breeds, including mixes. All the dogs are temperament tested and fully vetted including spay/neuter, routine vaccines and are microchipped.   You can find a complete list of our dogs at http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/UT156.html
NEWS - Updated August 31, 2014
Last Yard Sale of the Year!!!  August 8th & 9th
We have the best supporters in the world!  So many people donated really great items to help us raise money for food, boarding and vetting.  Others helped us get everything to our yard sale site.   I would have loved to see the queen-size bed strapped to the top of Kenny's car.  :-)  People came early to set up, hang out, help with sales, and stay late to clean up.  We even had handlers to care for our yard sale mascots, 17-year old Lacie and 2-year old, Tate, who were present both days.  And of course it was exciting with the nearby balloon festival to start each day.  We are so grateful to each and every one of you.  We made enough to feed all of our dogs for almost two whole months!  

Foster Homes Needed!!!
We Always Need Fosters!
We survived the long weekends in July and September but foster homes are always needed!  We have dogs that will fit in with almost any lifestyle from couch potato to lots and lots of activity.  There are a few more in the latter category (after all, they're pointers!).  If you're able to foster long- or short-term, please email utahsperfectpointers@yahoo.com and we'll send you a foster application.

Our Featured Dog - Meet Kenzie!
Kenzie is very much an Australian Cattle Dog who came to us as a pointer mix - she has spots, right?  She's about 2 years old.  Her shelter was going to euthanize her because she was so timid there. She was scared to death so they couldn't show her to the public.  ACD's tend to bond very closely with one person and can be indifferent to everyone else.
Kenzie was cuddled in a corner in the back of her kennel. I guess if you had an imagination you could call her part pointer (she has spots) but she's mostly ACD. I went into her kennel and sat there for a minute and she came to me and crawled in my lap. From there it was easy to work with her. I only had her at home with me for a day but I really enjoyed her. She's young and high energy but she settles down nicely inside. She's good with cats. A friend who works at one of the daycare/boarding facilities and has a fondness for ACD's has taken her home with her and just loves her. She gets along well with all other dogs and she's good offleash. This is typical of ACD's, who are bred to work with their owners hearding sheep and constantly look to their owner's for direction.
The major downside to Kenzie is her utter fear of small children. She's terrified of them. I assume she was tormented by them in her former life.  Kenzie won't attack small children. She just sits there and quivers and emits a low growl in the hopes that they'll go away. She's fine in a crate with kids around but we recommend she go to a home without children.  If you'd like to meet this pretty little girl please contact us at utahsperfectpointers@yahoo.com.
2014 Adopted Dogs
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